Welcome to Bogart Memorial Reformed Church!

Bogart has been part of the Bogota community for over a century. We continue to look for what God is doing in our neighborhood and in our lives. Our prayer is that we will be able to sense God's Spirit and follow where it leads, even in unexpected places. We want to join God's Spirit in the mission of love and reconciliation, for this is the joyful work we are called to as God's people. Won't you join us on the journey! We have a place for you.


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Sunday Worship Times

Spanish - 9:30 am preservice prayer

               10:00 am in Fellowship Hall

English - 10:00 am in Sanctuary

Japanese - 10:00 am - starts in Sanctuary and moves to Chapel

Sunday School available for preschool and elementary age children

Why be the church?
We're better together.

Even in all our brokenness and mess, God has called each of us together to be the church -- to be the body of Christ in the world. We need each other, just like a body needs hands, eyes, and lungs. The life of faith won't always be easy and smooth, but God has given us God's Spirit and one another to encourage and guide us. We don't walk this path alone. Life together as a church is how God is teaching us more about who God is, and how we can live like Jesus.

And we LOVE to celebrate this new life together in Christ!

Why be a multiethnic church?
The body of Christ is diverse and united.

No matter what language we speak or which culture has shaped us, we know God has called us to be the body of Christ together. We don't have to give up our own identities to embrace the shared identity we have in Christ. So, we celebrate that which makes each of us distinctive, and we pray that God will make us one as God is one. 

The body of Christ is diverse, and yet it is still one. Living like this is our best witness to the world of the reconciliation God has brought in Jesus!

It's not easy. It's hard to cross barriers and address injustices. But this is where we join God in the work of reconciliation, for the sake of the world.